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Enjoy our box of 6 organic, homemade New York Style cookies. Experience the classic Chocolate Chip & Walnut, or the Red Velvet & White Chocolate for a touch of elegance. Each bite is a taste of artisanal perfection, crafted to transport you to the heart of authentic cookie bliss. Choose all Chocolate Chip & Walnut, all Red Velvet & White Chocolate, or enjoy three of each for a balanced treat.


What's a NY Style cookie? A New York Style cookie is a generous large and thick cookie, offering a satisfying combination of a slightly crisp outer layer and a gooey inside!


Push the pleasure to the roof and add a chocolate hazelnut dip to your cookie box. Our organic dip is made from the finest Cervione hazelnuts from Corsica.


Enjoy free delivery in Enkhuizen every Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00.

"New York Style" Cookie Box

PriceFrom €24.00
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