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Indulge in our organic and homemade "Dip & Delight" cookie box - 30 mini NY Style cookies paired perfectly with a delicious chocolate hazelnut dip. Enjoy our signature flavors: Chocolate Chip & Walnut or Red Velvet & White Chocolate, or enjoy both with a half-half option. Elevating the experience, the dip is an exclusive organic Corsican delicacy, crafted from rare Cervione hazelnuts, a protected French variety of "la fertile de Coutard".


What's a NY Style cookie? A New York Style cookie is a generous large and thick cookie, offering a satisfying combination of a slightly crisp outer layer and a gooey inside! In this box, we offer you a mini version.


Enjoy free delivery in Enkhuizen every Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00.

"Dip & Delight" Cookie Box

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